Recommended by some of the best kids art bloggers out there.

“This garland is one of my favorite open-ended art projects to do with my art class because giving them that smaller paper size and a different art supply to paint with creates such a wonderful mood and level of concentration. They get really into how the paint moves with the Q-tip, how the colors blend, and how they can create multiple little paintings. Sometimes we make them into garland, other times we have made them into quilts, or simply taped them to the wall. Such a simple project with beautiful expression.” – Barbara Rucci, Art Bar Blog

"It was a great little project to do with kids. The main thing is to paint on both sides of the paper before you cut. And I'm ot sure if you can tell the scale here but I think teeny tiny links are the cutest (even though they take a little longer" - Jordan, Oh Happy Days