Sessions are conducted either in English or Cantonese. We encourage our artists to join sessions conducted in different languages to meet participants from different cultures. Session start times: 10AM, 11AM, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM (Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun).  Click here for FAQ.

Little Paris Creative Arts | Experiment with different media and techniques such as oil pastel, watercolour, colour pencils, clay, or mixed media. | See video and photos. | See prices here.

Clay and Mixed Media | Create three dimensional works using a wide range of materials to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. | See video and photos. | See prices here.

Little Paris Summer Programmes | Develop a solid foundation of art appreciation through a wide range of activities. | See photos.

Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Workshops | Create your own lantern for Mid-Autumn Festival. | See prices here.

Red Pocket Design Workshops | Design your own red pockets and we will scan and print for you in time for the next lunar new year.  | See prices here.

Mosaic Music Box Workshops | Use mosaic to design a personalised music box and place it at your home. | See prices here.


Halloween Mask Workshop | Paint your unique mask for trick-or-treat  |  See prices here.

Musical Swan Workshops | Use clay to personalise your own musical swan. | See prices here.

Ball Ornament Workshops | Design your own cartoon or other characters in a crystal ball.  |  See prices here.

Each session or workshop is 60-75 minutes. General terms and conditions applied. *$170 application fee. One free session if you purchase and pay for a regular or summer package immediately after the trial session. New patrons only.
English drawing class 英文畫畫班 小學英文興趣班 children art class craft classes for kids 繪畫比賽班 英語繪畫班 小朋友整燈籠 銅鑼灣美術班 兒童畫班 藝術課程 Drawing Art Craft classes English clay class English art class Kid art class 繪畫班 畫畫 英文畫畫班 art and craft class 銅鑼灣畫畫班 art & craft courses 兒童 興趣 班 kids craft classes 英文畫班 畫畫比賽 小童英語興趣班 興趣班 兒童興趣班 小童 興趣 班 銅鑼灣繪畫班 銅鑼灣畫室 小童興趣班 英文 黏土 班 art and craft classes for kids 銅鑼灣 畫畫班 製作燈籠 英文 泥膠 班 英文 畫班 黏土 班 English painting class 兒童 興趣 art and craft classes 兒童畫班 english art class 兒童畫坊 art & craft classes art and craft courses 幼兒 興趣 班 繪畫比賽 銅鑼灣畫室 麵粉公仔 班 兒童美語興趣班 Clay class lantern 小朋友 興趣 班 畫畫比賽班 drawings Kid clay class 兒童藝術課程 中秋 泥膠 班 親子 黏土 班 小孩興趣班 繪畫課程 燈籠 燈籠製作