1) Could you please describe your children programme?

Our instructors create a theme for each of our small-group Little Paris Creative Arts session. Our participants may use a variety of materials such as oil pastel, water colour, pencil colour, clay, mixed media, and other materials. Each child has unlimited artistic freedom to develop his/her artistic interests and techniques. 

Younger children are our most creative artists. We motivate them to explore their creative minds to compose objects of their choice while developing their fine motor skills.

More experienced artists develop their techniques including composition skills, the use of colours, and the use of values to create light and shadows. They create sketches and paintings using pencil, poster colours, acrylic, oils, watercolour pencils, and others. Artists develop their own style and preferred subjects. Our instructors and participants maintain a strong rapport throughout this process to actualise their artistic ambitions. 


2) Could you please send us some information about your prices?

For trial arrangements and package prices for our children programme, please click here.

Please click here for prices of our adult programmes.

We organise external programmes, staff events, and parties for organisations and families, please click here for details and whatsapp us on 52284454 for an estimate.


3) Are there any deadlines for the packages?

For regular packages, the deadlines shall be:
12 sessions – 18 weeks (~4.5 months)
24 sessions – 36 weeks (~8 months)
36 sessions – 54 weeks (~12.5 months)
48 sessions – 72 weeks (~17 months)

For short term packages of 4 sessions or less, the deadline shall be one year.


4) What are the language and format of the sessions?

Sessions are conducted either in English or Cantonese. We encourage our artists to join sessions conducted in different languages to meet participants from different cultures. Each session is 60 minutes. Older children may elect to attend two or more sessions consecutively.


5) What are your opening hours and start times?

Our session start times are 10AM, 11AM, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM (Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun).


6) How often do I attend my art sessions and can I cancel if I cannot come?

Most participants attend weekly sessions but you can pick your own schedule (e.g. more than once a week, only on particular dates during holidays, or other arrangements). You can cancel any sessions by giving us 24 hour notice.


7) If I plan to come regularly every week, will the instructor be the same? Will I know which instructor will be available in which time slot?

Yes, this is our operational model. We ask our instructors to keep a regular schedule and keep sick leave etc to a minimum. You can also check with us one day ahead to confirm which instructor will be attending which session.


8) Can my children to participate in art competitions?

Yes, we have a list of competitions you can join. Please whatsapp us on 52284454 for details. You can also suggest other competitions. Please give us one week advance notice for us to consider if we can accommodate. Participation in competitions is voluntary.


9) How can I book/cancel my sessions?

New customers and all workshop bookings can be made here. Existing customers may whatsapp us on 52284454 or use the link from our e-mails to organise your existing bookings. For new customers, all bookings are only confirmed subject to payment.

10) How can I pay?

For advanced booking for trials and workshops, you can pay by credit cards using the e-mail we send to you. Please click “View and Pay Invoice” and enter your credit card details (please ignore the due by date). Alternatively, you can pay by cash, cheques, or bank deposits at DBS. Payee shall be “Little Paris Arts Ltd”.

For same day booking and for package payments, we accept cash, cheques, and bank deposits at DBS. Payee shall be “Little Paris Arts Ltd”.

11) What is the zip/postal code for card payment?

Please enter “00000” if you do not have zip/postal code.