Our mainstream education has a rigid and competitive structure, but learning should be a creative and exploratory experience. Little Paris Arts develops artistic talents and help our participants create happy memories under a mind stimulating environment.


- We only conduct small sessions so each participant gets the attention he or she needs

- We guide our participants to treat each other with respect and courtesy

- We guide our participants to develop knowledge and observation skills

- We create happy experiences and help our participants to discover their interests in arts

- We motivate our participants to be creative in a relaxing environment

- We help our participants discover their inner world, cultivate good values, and develop a sense of achievement

- We work with our participants to develop their creative thought process, and help them apply these skills in other areas

- We develop our participants' patience, focus, and perseverance

- We help our participants to develop their aesthetics, and motivate them to set standards for themselves


Our Artists

Our young artists come from top schools in Hong Kong.



Our artists have won a wide range of renowned competitions. These competitions allow our artists to obtain formal recognition for their achievements. Their works are exhibited in a variety of venues to demonstrate their creativity to a wider audience. Participation in competitions are optional.



"My son has attended Little Paris Arts for a year. They offer painting class, art and craft class, and clay class. All the classes are very creative."

"I must say this is my favourite place for kid art class. We love all the workshops as the teacher is very helpful, friendly, and skilled." 

"My son does not speak cantonese, so I was looking for english language art class in Hong Kong. I would recommend it to the expats who are looking for english painting class, english drawing class, english clay class... or any kind of english art class."

"My daughter was always fond of kid painting classes. But as she grew older, she started getting curious. This is why we chose Little Paris Arts, they teach her new stuff everyday.  She always comes out of the class with a big grin on her face, especially after she attends kid clay class." 

English drawing class 英文畫畫班 小學英文興趣班 children art class craft classes for kids 繪畫比賽班 英語繪畫班 小朋友整燈籠 銅鑼灣美術班 兒童畫班 藝術課程 Drawing Art Craft classes English clay class English art class Kid art class 繪畫班 畫畫 英文畫畫班 art and craft class 銅鑼灣畫畫班 art & craft courses 兒童 興趣 班 kids craft classes 英文畫班 畫畫比賽 小童英語興趣班 興趣班 兒童興趣班 小童 興趣 班 銅鑼灣繪畫班 銅鑼灣畫室 小童興趣班 英文 黏土 班 art and craft classes for kids 銅鑼灣 畫畫班 製作燈籠 英文 泥膠 班 英文 畫班 黏土 班 English painting class 兒童 興趣 art and craft classes 兒童畫班 english art class 兒童畫坊 art & craft classes art and craft courses 幼兒 興趣 班 繪畫比賽 銅鑼灣畫室 麵粉公仔 班 兒童美語興趣班 Clay class lantern 小朋友 興趣 班 畫畫比賽班 drawings Kid clay class 兒童藝術課程 中秋 泥膠 班 親子 黏土 班 小孩興趣班 繪畫課程 燈籠 燈籠製作