Before you continue, please log in. You can also book by phone or e-mail (except promotional customers). This system adds new sessions daily. To request additional sessions, Please click "Request New Double / Single Session". Session grouping:
Group A: Age 3 - 5
Group B: Age 5 - 8
Group C: Age 8+
(we may inform you to switch groups from time to time)


如須預約,請先登入。本中心同時接受電話或電郵預約(推廣客戶除外)。本系統將於每天增加新時段,如閣下未能找到理想時段,請選擇 "要求其他時段"。活動組別:
Group A: 3-5歲
Group B: 5-8歲
Group C: 8歲+ 

Please click "Request New Session" (waitlist) if you can't find your preferred time slots. Please note: 1. You can remove your waitlist booking up to 24 hours before each session or check the status by logging in. 2. We will automatically confirm your booking via e-mail if availability arises. We will not contact you if there is no availability. 3. Please remember to attend any scheduled sessions as no shows are counted as used.